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    Commonly known as Paññānanda Bhikkhu, he was a prominent Buddhist monk who revolutionised the way of teaching Buddhism in Thailand. He was also an important associate to Phra Dhammakosacariya (Nguam Indapañño) or Ajahn Buddhadasa of Suanmokha. He devoted his life to teaching Buddhism until the last of his breath.


Phra Brahmmangalāčariyā (Pan Panyānanthō)

Paññānanda Bhikkhu

(Pan Panyānanthō)

May 11, 1911 – October 10, 2007

History of Wat Panyanantaram


Wat-Panyanantaram’s land was belonged to Mr.Pichid – Mrs. Jumrad Thongsimuang. In 1985, the couple donated their 6 Rais land to Phra Chalerm Paphadsaro and his companions, for founding “Son Tao House of Priest”. Nevertheless, later on, a number of monk reduced. December 29, 1992, Mrs. Boonsong Bhochan cooperated and donated this land along side this house to Phra Thēpwisutthimēthī (Pan Panyānanthō), the president of Center of Buddhist Inherit, Wat- Chollapratarn Rangsarit (80 Years Paññānanda Memorial). Wat-Panyanantaram was officially founded on January 31, 1994.

Later on, a group of adherents of the Center of Buddhist Inherit under Phramah̄ā Sa-ng̀ā Sup̣haro (currently, Paññānandamunī), Phramah̄ā Mānoppạnnāwachiro and Phramah̄ā Somp̣hochṭ̄hitiỵāṇo; purchased additional land to Wat Panyanantaram, for celebrating Phra Dharmakosacariya’s (Paññānanda Bhikkhu) 84th anniversary. They have cooperated to build and teach Buddhism; aiming to educate, train meditation, and teach Dharma. The results have been accepted by educational institutions, government, and private agencies. These organizations generally submit their members to attend the course, for developing their personnel, all year round. 


Wat Panyanantaram has been granted wis̄ungkhāms̄īmā on May 2, 2002 and currently owns land of 69 Rai 3 Ngan and 22 square-wa. Phramaha Chalerm Piyadassi is the abbot.

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